Genesis 9


9:2-3 We can eat meat now.
9:4 Nothing alive and nothing with blood.
9:6 We are made in His image so He will always love us.
9:7 Care for God’s creation.
9:11, 13-15 God is remembering all animals. God loves all creatures not just us.
9:22-23 Ham gossiped. Shem and Japheth did not want to shame their father, instead honor him.

I can eat meat as long as it doesn’t still have blood. I must respect all God’s creatures. I shouldn’t gossip. I should honor my parents.

Lord, I pray you make me more of a Shem than a Ham and that I love all of your creatures as you do and obey your eating laws. Amen.

Genesis 8


8:11 Olive leaves are a sign of peace. God gave Noah the olive leaf to show his peace offering after cleansing the earth. A dove is a symbol for the Holy spirit. God is showing us that we may find peace in the Holy Spirit.
8:17 Lots of babies!
8:21 God knows we are weak and sinful, but loves us and will not punish so severely again.

God has offered his peace to us and does not want to punish us like that again.

Thank you, God, for the dove and olive branch.

Genesis 6


6:5-6 We hurt God deeply when our hearts don’t yearn for him.
6:9 God establishes covenants with those he finds favor with even if no one else gets the same blessing.
6:22 We need to be immediately obedient and follow his instructions exactly.

Our hearts deceive us and make us go after the wrong things. But Noah’s heart lived for God, so he could obey him when called.

Lord, help me to live like Noah for you. Amen.

Genesis 4


4:1 Eve knows that without Good there would be no child so she rightfully praises God.
4:4b-5 God wants our best, not our leftovers and he knows when we are giving him our best. The sin of envy is now present.
4:6 God knows how we are feeling without us having to tell him.
4:9 Cain lies and gets sassy with God.
God knew what he did already, he just wants Cain to be honest and repent.
4:15 Even in exile and sin God still protects us because we are always his children; even when we make mistakes. We must TRUST in Him.
4:23b-24 I have killed a man for wounding me, a young man for bruising me. If Cain is avenged seven times, then Lamech seventy-seven times.”

I’d like to be connected to my future husband always, even though sin will try to divide us. I want to praise God if and when he grants me children because he is the giver of gifts and blessings. I must give God my first fruits and the best of my everything. I also need to not be envious of the relationships other people have with Him. Instead, I have to have the best relationship I can. I should recognize God already knows everything  he just doesn’t want me to hold onto my sins. Even when we do sin, he does not leave us, which is very reassuring. I am his child, made in his image, and he will always protect me.

I pray that I can live a life pleasing to you, rejecting sin, and trusting in your blessings. You will never leave me, no matter what I do. And I thank you for it. Amen.