Favorite Science Fiction Franchises


Happy Sci-Fi Day! Today is the day when we celebrate some of our favorite works of science fiction. Below are my three favorite franchises. I am relatively new to the science fiction world but I am a member of the new generation of fangirls. Each of these franchise have had a reboot for younger audiences.


3. Planet of the Apes: Sirius Black is in the reboot of these movies and I think Gary Oldman is golden in everything he puts his hands on. I came to the world of Planet of the Apes for Harry Potter’s godfather and stayed for mankind’s impending doom from our insatiable desire to violate the natural world.


2. Star Trek: I have found memories of Dad watching Star Trek on weekends. I enjoyed watching the JJ Abrams reboot of this franchise. They pulled in some amazing actors and, of course, the special effects are insane. Although the solar flares seem to be a little overdone, I think this is a franchise destined to take place in our modern era of movie magic. Plus, Benedict Cumberbatch is Kahn in the second movie, is there anything better?


1. Doctor Who: I have internally saved the best for last (in my opine). Doctor Who seems to be at the core of British movies and television. Some of London’s most amazing actors have had their faces grace the very long running show of Doctor Who. It is also the great example of fandom acting superior to normies. Have you ever tried to explain to someone why you love Doctor Who, or had someone ask what is so special about Dr. Who, not realizing his name is The Doctor and Doctor Who is the oldest question in the universe.

All of these franchises have sought my attention because of their amazing talent in the departments of acting, writing, and special effects. They have done a tremendous job by having all the classic episodes on Netflix and Prime. So I can take a walk down memory lane with Daddy. I find the best things in the entertainment industry grow with you and can be enjoyed as a family.

Disclaimer: This is just my opinion on MY favorite sci-fi franchises. It does not include my favorite fantasy franchises—let’s be real, Harry Potter beats everything!

Have a Sparkly Day!

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