Dream St. Louis Trip

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City number 9! This is the last city on the first leg of my cross country road trip (at least the loose plan that I have of one). If you have missed the first 8 Dream City Trips, click here.

This post is about the delightful city of St. Louis. Here are the top six things I’d like to see:

  1. Gateway Arch: This is the best known monument in St. Louis. It is 630 feet tall and made with stainless steel. Made to commemorate the westward exploration of Lewis and Clark and the expansion of the United States. It is the western hemisphere’s largest manmade monument.
  2. Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis: I cannot imagine how excited I would be to see this church. It is the heart of the Archdiocese of St. Louis and it is huge! Built in a Neo-Byzantine Romanesque Revival architectural style.
  3. Missouri Botanical Garden: I think there has been a botanical garden or conservatory in every one of the posts in this series, but this one has a butterfly house! I have loved butterflies ever since my mom told me when you see a butterfly you should think of your deceased loved ones.
  4. National Blues Museum: The blues have been an integral part of American history since its inception. The blues is a heartfelt musical style offering a creative outlet for the misunderstood and mistreated. This interactive museum was created to share the history of the blues.
  5. Pulitzer Arts Foundation: This small gallery hosts a range of contemporary exhibit. Many of the museums in this series are big and well known. It would be good to compliment the big museums, with this smaller one which has unique exhibits. Then I can feel like a Catholic millennial hipster.
  6. Laclede’s Landing Wax Museum: I have never seen a wax museum. They look incredibly creepy and strange. But hey, I can check it off my bucket list and never have to see a plastic, life-size, replica of a human being.

St. Louis seems like such a fun city. While doing my research on these top six places, there were several other sights I would like to see. If you have any recommendations, please put them in the comments below.

I have greatly enjoyed putting together this series so far. There are a total of 53 cities I would like to eventually put on this list. For now, we will stick with the first 9 cities. I hope you enjoyed the series so far and looking forward to more content. It is my sincere hope to do a travel diary or blog for each of these cities, so please subscribe.

Genesis 8


8:11 Olive leaves are a sign of peace. God gave Noah the olive leaf to show his peace offering after cleansing the earth. A dove is a symbol for the Holy spirit. God is showing us that we may find peace in the Holy Spirit.
8:17 Lots of babies!
8:21 God knows we are weak and sinful, but loves us and will not punish so severely again.

God has offered his peace to us and does not want to punish us like that again.

Thank you, God, for the dove and olive branch.

Dream Dubuque Trip


I’m sure there are a great many of you who have never heard of the city of Dubuque. It is the 10th largest city in Iowa and has a population of over 58,000 people. I don’t know a single thing about this city, so after some research, here are the six things I’d like to see if I ever have the opportunity to take my epic cross country road trip:

  1. National Mississippi River Museum: The Mississippi is the largest river in the country. It has played a vital role in the economy of the center of our country since the beginning. Even Lincoln used it to make money as a young man.
  2. Mines of Spain Recreation Area: If I had a dog, this is where I would take him. 1380 acres of woods and prairie sound like a great place to take a jog and enjoy God’s creation. I’m sure spending time in this natural environment after weeks of road tripping would warm the soul.
  3. St. Raphael’s Cathedral: The heart of the Archdiocese of Dubuque is this beautiful gothic revival (my favorite) architectural style. The pictures look like it has a wooden altar and confessionals. The painting behind the altar look like the apostles and the Blessed Mother. Basically, it is a must see for the Catholic millennial road trip.
  4. Dubuque Museum of Art: As you know if you have been following this series, I love a museum. Art can be a great conversation starter and this place looks like it embraces a lot of photography.
  5. Ham House: This Victorian style home shows what life was like for a wealthy lead mining family in the 1800s.
  6. Stone Cliff Winery: I don’t drink wine (unless it is transubstantiated into the Blood of Christ). But fancy people go to wine tastings. I can pretend to know a thing or two about the science of wine…I think.

After doing some research, Dubuque seems like a precious midwestern gem. I’d love to have the opportunity to see these things and many of the beautiful people who call it home. I you have any recommendations of things to see, put them in the comments below. If you have missed any of the other cities in my Dream City Trips series, click here. Subscribe so you don’t miss any future posts, and a travel diary if I’m lucky.

Genesis 6


6:5-6 We hurt God deeply when our hearts don’t yearn for him.
6:9 God establishes covenants with those he finds favor with even if no one else gets the same blessing.
6:22 We need to be immediately obedient and follow his instructions exactly.

Our hearts deceive us and make us go after the wrong things. But Noah’s heart lived for God, so he could obey him when called.

Lord, help me to live like Noah for you. Amen.